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We are one of Leicester’s best known independent Auctioneers, conducting auctions for over 20 years in Leicester.

Auctions continue to rise in popularity and form an integral part of the company. Our auctions are held at Leicester Racecourse approximately every two months and achieve around 85% plus sales success for sellers. Whilst the majority of properties offered for sale will be within Leicester we do sell properties nationwide and over 3000 catalogues are distributed with local and national coverage.

This type of sale offers our clients a quick and uncomplicated sale. It can also be the ideal way of ensuring that clients achieve the best possible price as demand for a particular type of property can often lead to the price being driven up.

Some types of property tend to be more suitable for auctions than others e.g. properties requiring renovation as it is well known that auctions tend to attract purchasers who are specifically after renovation projects. It is sometimes not the best method to sell the “normal type” of property because you stand little chance of obtaining the best price. Our experienced Auction team will guide you as to the suitability of your property.